The OSMoSys Framework

The OSMoSys Ontology focuses on the domains of smart city planning and management. It can be used to formally describe, map, and annotate data from different city sectors. It is an overarching semantic framework of concepts and relationships that enables interoperability among urban datasets.

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The Web Ontology Browser offers an online user interface for navigating through the OSMoSys Ontology. No specialized software is required, nor any familiarity with the formalisms of knowledge representation. Its aim is to facilitate concept discovery among different stakeholders.

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The OSMoSys RDF Graph provides an interactive and easy-to-use web interface for visualizing, exploring, and navigating through city-related linked data. Its intuitive, dynamic, and graph-based architecture further complements the exchange of shared semantic definitions among multiple users.

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An architectural engineer and urban planner, currently conducting research in the field of Urban Informatics.

The OSMoSys Knowledge Representation Framework for Smart Cities was developed as part of my PhD Research, which focuses on the application of urban computing methods and semantic (web) technologies to city analytics and planning. Working at the intersection of Urbanism and Data Science, my research interests are in the development of methods and tools for computational urban science, linked data and semantic integration techniques, smart cities, and social data analytics in the urban context, among others. In addition, I regularly publish and give lectures about the aforementioned subjects. Please visit my LinkedIn profile, my Academia page, or the Hyperbody website for more info about my work.

You can also check out the SocialGlass website; a relevant platform on large-scale social (media) data analysis, integration, and visualization, developed in collaboration with the Delft Social Data Science Lab and the Web Information Systems research group.

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